Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Is ‘Not Political’, ‘Happens to Like Donald Trump’s Personality’

Kim Kardashian West wants to set the record straight about her husband Kanye West‘s support of President Donald Trump.

At Variety and Rolling Stone‘s Criminal Justice Reform Summit, moderator Van Jones said to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star about her relationship, “You guys have different politics.”

“I feel like he’s very misunderstood,” the mom of three, 38, replied, labeling the rapper, 41, “the worst communicator.”

“But when we talk about it, we have very similar politics. He’s very not political actually,” Kardashian West explained. “He just happens to like Donald Trump‘s personality but doesn’t know about the politics. So I’ve educated him recently, and I think it gets really misconstrued. He will always say he was friendly with him before, and he’s the same person and friendly with him now.”

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In September, West delivered an unexpected pro-Trump speech at the end of Saturday Night Live, and in October, he visited the Oval Office. During his meeting with Trump, West told the president that he had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and discussed his fondness for the Make America Great Again hat.

At the summit, Kardashian West pointed to momager Kris Jenner‘s former marriage to Caitlyn Jenner, who has been vocal about her Republican politics but wrote in an October Washington Post op-ed that she “was wrong” to support Trump during the 2016 election.

“I could also coexist with someone and still have different political views,” Kardashian West said. “My mom and my stepdad did that. It’s fine to be different and have your own view.”

“I think what my husband fights for, and again he’s not the best communicator in explaining it, but what he fights for is the right to like what he wants to like, even if it’s different from what you like,” the makeup mogul added. “He never said, ‘Okay, I know what’s going on with immigration, and I know this, and I know that.’ If he really knew, he would feel very compassionate about it.”

“So he’s never said that he supports that,” Kardashian West said. “I know it’s very confusing, because when you see someone wearing a red hat, you would think that they’re supporting that. But he’s just fighting for free thought and for the freedom to like a person even if it’s not the popular decision.”

“You’re trying to be a Kanye translator,” Jones said.

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“He does need a translator. For real, for real,” Kardashian West said. “But I’m around him all the time, so I know what he talks about at home. I’m like, ‘Wait, you just said basically the opposite of what you just showed out there.’ I always want him to have his own journey. I could have easily, right after he went to the White House or has been outspoken, I could have easily been on social media and corrected him.”

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“I know his heart, so I know that one day what he’s been trying to say will come out. It’s taking a little long, so I’m jumping in and helping him out. I just know his heart, so I never really stress too much,” she added.

A source recently told PEOPLE about the couple’s dynamic. “Kim is really good at telling him what’s up without being disrespectful. She’s really the only person he listens to completely.”

“After the last episode, I know that Kim took him away and they had some very serious talks where she told him what she thought. She’s not afraid to share her opinion, and he’s willing to listen,” the source said.

“Ye knows that he can be erratic and difficult, and he thinks that’s the source of his genius,” the source said. “So he needs the calming force of Kim, and he talks about her like that.”

In October, West changed his tune. “My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in,” he tweeted. “I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!”

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“Tell me why you love him so much,” Jones asked Kardashian West.

“As much as I won’t agree with something, I do respect the fact that he’s always who he is no matter if it’s popular,” she concluded. “No matter if it’s the cool thing to do. He’s always himself.”